What To Wear To Your Best Friend’s Wedding?

Since we frequently encounter this query, we decided to assist all the curious females. The anticipation of your closest friend getting married is unmatched. You two have done it all, even exchanging secrets, outfits, and much more. You do not want to skip a step when it comes time for her Wedding and you to serve as her bridesmaid! 

Are we correct in saying that as the best friend, you also want to stand out and look fabulous at your best friend’s wedding event? After all, best friends’ weddings are the perfect occasions to flaunt your style and clothing choices. It’s time to get dressed, look great, and have a blast. 

What Do Wear

Remember that modesty is the main component of wedding wear in Pakistan before we continue. While modesty is the cornerstone of Pakistani fashion, you can always look chic and stylish in any ensemble from Al Karim. Here are some fantastic suggestions if you need some help deciding what to wear to your best friend’s wedding:

Traditional Lehenga

At a Pakistani wedding, lehengas are very typical. You will appear fantastic since it has beautiful color combinations and excellent embroidered work! Once more, avoid dressing in a way that makes you seem out of place. Keep your appearance elegant. Lehenga could be a more composed option if you go to a close friend’s wedding. You may choose from various hues and patterns and pair them with a gorgeously crafted dupatta.

Modish Lehenga

A stylish lehenga typically features contemporary patterns that are absent from traditional ones. Unique designs, sequins, and handwork will all be on the lehenga. It would also include elaborate cholis that are absent from conventional lehenga. On one of your shoulders, you may display your midriff by wearing the dupatta of a contemporary lehenga. You might also simply let the dupatta fall across your arms. Avoid dressing in an outdated manner. Wear minimalistic jewelry or go all out with some traditional jhumkas. It’s okay even if you don’t wear any jewelry. Pink, cherry, or any other pastel makeup tint can be worn to elevate your look.


Wear a white saree with a gorgeous golden border if you want to attend a close friend’s wedding. It will have a classic and beautiful appearance. Golden jewelry will finish the build. Keep your makeup minimal, but use red to draw attention to your lips. You’ll undoubtedly steal the show.

Skirt With Midriff Top

Choose a long, flowing skirt with a crop top that finishes at your stomach if you want to go for a daring style. There won’t be many accessories needed because it is a contemporary ensemble. To finish the appearance, you only need a pair of enormous jhumkas. Sometimes, makeup can be a little shiny.


One-piece attire such as gowns makes movement simple. If a summer wedding invitation comes your way, you may shut your eyes and go out and buy an ethnic gown. Pick the fabric carefully, however. These dresses look fantastic in silk and chiffon, but stay away from anything that is heavily brocaded, velvet, or embroidered all over. Choose a cultured stone or pearl necklace, a purse with embellishments, and a stylish hairstyle. The wedding reception is likely to draw attention to you!

Floor Length Anarkali Dress

Because Anarkali dresses have a broad A-line cut but are not too flared, you may avoid the hassle of lugging about a flared gown by wearing a floor-length Anarkali dress. Additionally, just the yoke and border of the Anarkali dress will be embellished. Consequently, it won’t be too hefty. For the ultimate regal look, accessorize such a garment with jurao jewelry.

Churidar With Kurta And Dupatta

Put on a churidar and a thin kurti. For this outfit, you may use a cotton and silk blend of textiles, as the dupatta will serve as the central focal point. Wear a dupatta with an essential solid-color pair of kurta-churidar richly embroidered or adorned. The dupatta will steal the show and draw attention away from your basic kurta and churidar set. No, the dupatta does not need to be very bulky. You can pick a transparent fabric dupatta made of net, georgette, or chanderi. Just some stitching, zari work, or decorations will do.

Skirt With Long Shirt

You will need an ethnic flared maxi skirt with a lovely adorned bottom border to complete this style. The remainder of the dress might be left plain to conserve weight and remain concealed beneath a kurta with a straight cut and high slits. You have the option of wearing a matching dupatta with it or simply attending the wedding event as is.

As an end note, it’s important to point out that we recognize the daunting nature of choosing wedding attire, but trust us when we say it’s also entertaining and thrilling! Weddings with your best friends are ideal for showcasing your fashion and attire preferences. This is the time to get ready, look fantastic, and have fun. Visit the Al Karim, the best online clothing store with all your favorite brands!


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