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Tips To Choose Reputed Consultants For USA Study Visa

The visa application process for studying abroad seems to be challenging to those who don’t have any knowledge of the immigration sector and policies, Therefore, to make everything goes efficiently, students and their parents prefer to approach study visa consultants. However, the difficult task is to choose reliable study visa consultants because the number of scammers is increasing in the immigration sector. 

As the number of fraudsters is increasing constantly, everyone is getting afraid to rely on immigration consultants to apply for a USA study visa. However, there are many immigration consultants who can provide the best guidance and give top-notch services. All you have to do is to take care of a few things which are mentioned in this article while choosing the reputed consultants for the best consultant for USA study visa. Let us tell you that choosing the best study visa consultants will help you get every information about courses, universities, exams to study in the USA, documents required, total cost and so on. So, do not skip any tip to invest your hard-earned money in the right place. 

Here are some tips to choose a reliable consultant for a USA study visa 

Below mentioned are some tips that will surely help you choose the best consultants for your USA study visa: 

Check The Reviews And Ratings

The Internet is the best source to check whether the platform you are going to rely on is reliable or not. You can check the google business account of various consultants and observe the reviews and ratings. It will give you a clear-cut idea of the client’s experience with the consultants. High-rating platforms would be a good option to choose from. However, you need to be careful while reading the reviews because most reviews are fake. So, you need to have good identification ability to check and figure out fake reviews. 

Know The Visa Success Rate

A visa consultant with a high success rate can help you get your USA study visa in the desired time. Therefore, know the success rate of the immigration agency before making any deal. You can also interact with their clients who have taken services from them and ask about their journey. This way, you will get to know whether the clients are getting positive outcomes or not. If the visa success rate is high and clients are satisfied with their services, you can shortlist the name. 

Check Presence On Social Media

Well, the consultants who have zero presence on social media platforms are unreliable. So, you can filter the list by checking the social media presence of various consultants. Moreover, social media platforms can also help you know a lot about visa consultants. For example, you can check the posts they upload on social media. You can check their way of responding to the comments and so on. If their way of responding to the queries of clients is good, you can contact them and ask your queries as well. 


The best way to check the reliability of the study visa consultants is to visit the office and make sure to communicate with them. You can ask about their qualification, their experience in the immigration sector and many more related questions. You can ask some complex questions to check whether they answer them correctly or not. This will show how much experience they have in answering study visa-related questions and how confidently they tackle each question. If the consultant is unable to answer questions or gets confused, you can go to any other place. 

Know About The Services 

So, the last thing you have to do is to know about the services provided by the study visa consultant. Will they help you in choosing the right study program and the best university? Will they let you know about the cost of studying at a particular university before making the decision? In addition, you also need to check whether the study visa consultant will help you write a well-structured SOP or not. Finally, ask whether they will assist you during documentation and filing or not. Some visa consultant also provide post-landing services, so you can also ask about that as well. This way, you don’t need to worry about anything during the visa application process if you want to study in the USA after 12th or graduation. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, choosing a reliable study visa consultant who has a valid license and complete knowledge of immigration policy is not at all a difficult task if you follow the tips given above. So, do not bother about anything and follow the tips carefully to accomplish your aim of studying in the USA. 


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