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Dental cosmetics

We at M.eradabia are dedicated to giving you a smile that is more attractive. We think that aesthetic dentist in Abu Dhabi involves more than simply teeth. It’s about developing a more attractive, self-assured you. To feel like the finest version of yourself, we want to support you.

Our team of specialists will work with you to comprehend your expectations for your smile as well as any obstacles that might be in the way. Afterward, we will create a treatment strategy that is unique to you. These can range from less complicated operations like teeth whitening to more involved ones like dental implants or porcelain veneers.

Modern technology is utilized throughout your therapy, from diagnostics to restoration. Using sophisticated imaging equipment, our experts will meticulously inspect your teeth to give us a clear picture of what needs to be fixed. Our dentists can produce accurate simulations of your teeth’s final appearance using the information you provide.

We Provide

Whitening of teeth

Invisalign White Aligners

Ceramic Veneers (Composite Veneers and Porcelain Veneers)

Lumineers Ceramic Veneers

Whitening Method for Teeth

Teeth stones or jewels

The Hollywood grin

Design by Digital Smile

You are everything to us

At Dental Clinics, we prioritize you. You won’t ever be overcharged or overtreated because we pledge to be completely honest about everything, including our prices and treatments. Our facilities in Abu Dhabi are committed to providing gentle, least-intrusive dental care so that you can leave with a healthy, radiant smile.

Dentists’ offices in Abu Dhabi

Your objectives

Understand what it means to receive top-notch, compassionate, and reliable dental care.

First time visiting

What to anticipate when you first visit an Abu Dhabi dental clinic

Every dental question you’re hesitant to ask ABOUT US

We founded Dental Clinics because we recognized a need for dental treatment that was safer, more open, and regulated for quality. You may be sure that an accomplished group of dentists, specialists, and hygienists in Abu Dhabi will meet your dental needs with expertise and accuracy.

Our resources

Discover our cutting-edge dentistry clinic in Abu Dhabi.

Dentists’ offices in Abu Dhabi

Our theory

Learn about our criteria for superior, individualized dental care.

Dental clinics in Abu Dhabi with a dentist treating a patient


The M.eradabia Dental staff is dedicated to offering superior general, specialty and aesthetic dental care in Abu Dhabi.

Dentist visits

The cornerstone for all you do is the exam…

No-pain dentistry

Dental procedures no longer need to be uncomfortable thanks to contemporary technology.

Solutions for Aesthetic Dentistry

Every day of the year, there are countless causes to be happy.


We are happy when we observe the advantages of our approach to dentistry. We have another reason to smile, whether it’s because Dental Clinics is featured in the media or because satisfied clients submit evaluations.


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