Slashy – A Classic Puzzle Mobile Game to Kill Your Time

Are you sick of playing the same old mobile games? You might need a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery in the gaming world at this point. With the new Slashy from Camel Motion, stimulate those brain cells and have fun. That’s correct. When you need a little pleasure, this puzzle game is the ideal choice. Hold on a second! Is that a “slice” I just said? The goal of this wonderful game is to bust the discs by placing the proper slices on them. Doesn’t that seem exciting?

With its simple UI and simple yet appealing style, Slashy is one of those casual games that will keep you captivated. Moreover, everyone can enjoy this game from the comfort of their home, young and old, men and women.

What to do in the Rounds of Slashy?

Actually, it’s quite simple. First of all, the gamer should place slices on top of discs in this game’s more than 300 stages to break them. As you advance in the game, the number of discs and their divisions get progressively more complex.

The Interesting Characteristics of Slashy

  1. Eye-Catching Themes

Three intriguing settings or themes are suggested by Slashy. They are Night, Nature, and Default.

Nature Theme: The theme “nature” is ideal if you enjoy the outdoors. Furthermore, the stunning mountain and river add to the game experience’s enjoyment and refreshment for the players.

Default Theme: Sky blue is used as the background color for the game’s default theme. For individuals who want a simple environment without a lot going on, this background is suitable.

Night Theme: Finally, the night theme is an intriguing one that has a starry night background. Actually calming to the eyes and aiding in concentration is the dim environment with a faint tinge of purple.

  1. The Hammer Feature

Not just any hammer, mind you. You can get yourself out of a jam with the aid of this hammer. The slices may really be evened out to the desired form to fit them on the discs, thanks to the three hammers that are included. Last but not the least, you can always claim more hammers by watching some promotional videos if you run out.

  1. Huge Variation in the Props

The developers of this gaming app have worked tirelessly to create a genuinely entertaining and interesting game. So, after completing each level of twelve, a variety of appealing props become available. In order to move on in the game, it offers its users a wide variety of props to select from. The football, CD, vinyl record, slice of pizza, clock, button, kiwi slice, diamond, and crystal ball are just a few of the incredible props.

  1. The Variation in the Number of Discs in Various Levels

As you advance through the levels of this game, the difficulty of levels rises. It happens in a variety of ways. Let us demonstrate how.

  • In level 1, there are three discs accessible. At every odd level, the discs increase by one. 
  • Hence, the number of discs in Level three becomes four. 
  • Moving on, there are three and four discs for the second and fourth levels, respectively.
  • This continues up until the eleventh level, where there are eight discs in total.
  • Again, there are three discs starting at level 13, and they keep on becoming bigger in a similar way.
  1. The Restrictions and Limitations in the Levels

However, there are several limitations in this game to make it more thrilling. If a level takes an eternity to accomplish, it is not at all enjoyable. A few restrictions are thus imposed to increase the adrenaline rush and make it more enjoyable.

To finish a level, you have a finite number of movesets. The game will end once the specified move sets are exhausted. Don’t fret, though. Once you beat level 49 of the game, you’ll be free of the limited movesets; instead, a timer will take their place. Once you reach level 96, the movesets will be restored. This timer will run until that point.

  1. The Rotation and Revolution of the Discs

The discs do indeed rotate! Yes. These discs rotate and revolve as you move up the ladder of levels, just like our planets do in the solar system. They rotate clockwise around the slice and anticlockwise around their own axes. The rate at which they spin quickens as you ascend the stages.


To sum up, Slashy is among the market’s most captivating casual games thanks to all these characteristics. What are you waiting for, then? Start breaking those discs right away by visiting your App Store and downloading this fantastic game!


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