Is Abaya Important? 09 Situations Abaya or Hijab Mandatory for Women

Allah Taa’aala, the Utmost Great says in the Qur’an about Abaya or Hijab:

“And say the trusting women to lesser their looks and shelter their private parts from lusty acts and not to show off their prettiness except that which is ostensible, and to draw their headscarves or Abaya (i.e. the khimaar) over themselves and not to expose their prettiness except to their husbands, their fathers, their husband’s fathers, their sons, their husband’s sons, their brothers or their brother’s sons, or their sister’s sons, or their (muslim) womenfolk, or the female servants whom they enjoy, or old male servants who do not retain wish, or small children who have no sense of sexuality. And let them not impression their feet so as to expose what they hide of their beautifications. And all of you request Allah Taa’aala to absolve you, O believers, that you may be prosperous.” (An-Noor 24:31)

Innovator Abayas in Fashion Industry

It is a common misconception that trends are only set by fashion that is suggestive. Charting new horizons in elegance and grace, Avellyn proves that there is a world beyond the leather show that heralds style with our modest dressing catalog.

It is the promise of contemporary vision and classy clothing that has so many women today from different backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and cultures opting for modest clothing like Abayas and kaftans. A wrap dress, if done well, can be a staple in your wardrobe.

Avellyn brings you the best in modest, modern fashion. Their gorgeous Abaya and kaftan designs break through the crowd of over-the-top designs at the bazaar to celebrate dressing that is soft, delicate and refined.

Because modesty never goes out of style. YOU will never go out of style.

Here’s how Avellyn changes the game with trendy cuts and original creations that define your unique.

Choices Abaya for Every Occasion

The modern woman is furiously moving forward, seeking the place and equality she deserves in every area of ​​life. To color this confidence, Avellyn offers bold Abaya designs for workwear.

From everyday practical wear to dressing up for special occasions, the variety is limitless.

Their classic cut crepe trousers and Nada Abayas, which carry a quality that accentuates the glamor, will become your everyday wear. On the other hand, their wedding and evening collection of Abayas in rich colors and shiny details will brighten up your celebrations. If you’re planning to visit Makkah for Umrah, their streamlined style has you covered too.

Modern, Elegant Abaya Designs

At Avellyn, we believe in the power of fusion. Through their extensive Abaya and kaftan collections, we are committed to consistently adapting fashion that fuses the classic with the contemporary. This core value is what drives the creation of timeless pieces that their clientele so enjoy.

For example, the beauty of several of their Abayas is highlighted by bold butterfly sleeves or pleated sleeves decorated with gold details. Their top sport smart Abaya goes well with artistic royal and princess cuts. Also think outfits inspired by bells and floral patterns that deviate from traditional plain gowns.

Each Abaya in their catalog is also enriched with a distinct personality with a color that defines it. They have solid color Abayas, color blocked patterns and printed dresses. Looking for winter clothes? Avellyn has tweed and woolen Abayas to keep you warm too.

The variety of fabrics to choose from, from simple crepes to gorgeous velvets, will spoil you. There really is something for everyone at Avellyn!

Attention to Fine Details

For them, it’s all in the details. Their clients always come back to them with positive feedback, especially with regard to personal taste and selection, which they adapt to each product we order. If you choose Avellyn, then they make sure to serve you to 100% satisfaction.

A very small example is the placement of buttons on the Abaya. Because they know that every client’s request will be different in this regard, they leave it open to you to tell us exactly where you want to add your buttons.

It’s the little things that ensure high quality.

They are also a pioneer in complementing classic Abaya designs with details that enhance client’s personality. Apart from the good old plain look, Avellyn Abayas are enlivened with crystal embellishments, hand embroidery and lace embellishments. Several Abayas are lined with fashionable satin borders or completed with trendy leather details.

Women’s clothing often lacks this comfort, but they’ve added pockets to some of their Abayas!

Client Satisfaction is Our Major Responsibility

Last but not least, client care is their top priority, so they really listen when people talk.

They work on a customer-friendly plan while carefully considering all your requirements for the products you order from them. From accurate sizing to tracking until you’re truly satisfied with your package, they’ve got you covered.

They are committed to making your Avellyn experience your best fashion moment. Come, let’s be trendsetters together! Shop today.

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