Questions to Ask While Hiring Best Packers and Movers

The moving firms are rising everyday due to demands of relocation. It is also hard to find the best movers among many moving firms. You end up hiring moving firm that knows a very little about relocation and regret. These below points will help you in finding the good packers and movers. You can hire packers movers Jagatpura Jaipur to do your shifting task. These packers and movers will manage all the moving work on their own. Moreover, the best packers and movers will be very reliable and provide shifting with safety.

Experience in specific move

You must know the moving firm has experience in the move you are looking for. Therefore, you should make sure whether they have enough experience handling your move. These packers must have experience in moving to high rise apartment or big city. You should enquire whether the moving firm has experience with this type of move.

These movers should also be well prepared to handle anything that comes in their way. Moreover, they must know how to deal with parking, steep stairs and small doorways. It will also be easy for them to shift house with experience.

Check if they are licensed

You should make sure to ask whether the moving firm is properly licensed or not. It is a must needed to avoid moving scams and rogue movers. Moreover, all professional interstate moving firm should have a license number issued by the government. You can also check their license number and complaint history on internet. The local moving firm that is shifting between cities must have state license.

These packers and movers are bound to show you their license. It will also help you to know about them and their firm with past work.

Insurance policy they provide

You want to make sure that your belongings are covered in case of mishap. It is the best protection you can buy for the damage of items. Moreover, your moving firm should have multiple coverage options for you to choose from. The licensed moving firm also offers two types of cover policies.

The first one is Full value protection policy. Your moving firm will give you full value of damaged item in your entire shipment. Therefore, it is the best plan for protection of items. The released value protection will give a less amount as coverage.

Expense quote of moving

There are many moving firms that offers non binding estimates. It means that estimated price of your move is going to change. This can also end up being a good or bad thing. There are chances that your house requires more man hours to shift.

This could lead you in paying more than the original estimate. You could also end up getting lucky and paying less. Therefore, hiring a moving firm that offers a binding estimate is the better option. These binding estimates ensures the cost of shifting will not exceed the original sifting cost.

Their packing materials

There are some packers and movers who use old packing materials. These packers follow the practice of using the already used or old packing materials. The packers and movers do it to save the cost. It is also not at all a fair practice.

Therefore, you must ask these packers what packing material they are using. You should also make sure if it is fresh material or old material. The packers should always use fresh packing materials for the safety of items. You can also check their tools if they are in good condition.


You will come across many moving firms while looking for packers and movers in Jaipur. The Jaipur city is a big city and have many moving firms that provide shifting. You should also choose the best packers and movers for shifting your house.

There are some things that you should clear while hiring moving firms. The above voiced points are the key questions you can ask these packers and movers. Moreover, a simple study about firm and their services will help you in choosing them.


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