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Online Consultation: Online Doctor Consult Services

An online consultation is a medical consultation booked and provide through the internet with synchronous means. Such as videoconferencing (Skype, Zoom, or others) or asynchronous, for example, through written questions and answers.

In particular, the videoconferencing system is becoming increasingly popular. Because it allows for a more immediate and closer interaction to a visit or meeting in person.Even if this can never be replaced entirely.

Who is it for?

This system is aim at patients who, for various reasons. Find it more advantageous to get in touch with the doctor through digital channels.

This type of contact with the doctor does not require travel.It is very easy to establish, and saves time and money.

It allows the doctor to carry out a first visit which, although not equivalent to a visit in person. Serves to understand the patient’s situation, give initial advice. And understand whether or not a subsequent visit may be needed. All of these things save time and resources for both parties.

Usually, the patients who can benefit most from this solution are:

  • Geographically distant from the office or medical facility;
  • unable to travel;
  • People for whom the economic commitment to support the move is prohibitive;
  • People who don’t have time.

Why offering an online consultation on your site is a great idea.

Offering an online medical advice on your site is a great idea because:

  • Patients are more inclined to get in touch with you because the barriers are lower, and they don’t have to reach the site;
  • The tool can be used flexibly and represent a first paid or free form of contact to be followed by a face-to-face visit;
  • Improve conversions and site utility;
  • It is an excellent tool for improving the web marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of online consultation?

  • The first obvious advantage for the patient is that of not requiring a move. This advantage is all the more relevant as the distance from the doctor increases.
  • The second advantage is of an economic nature. An initial consultation of this type is advantageous in terms of savings on travel costs and for the costs of the visit, which is generally less expensive than a face-to-face visit.
  • For the doctor, offering his patients the possibility of booking a consultation through the website in a simple and immediate way represents the possibility of reaching a more significant number of patients both geographically and of people who would only have entered with this tool. Contact your doctor.

Therefore, although the technological tool still represents an “imperfect” contact. The advantages of being able to carry out a consultation outweigh the disadvantages. What’s more, if you don’t consider the online doctor consultation equivalent to the face-to-face visit. This tool doesn’t replace. But adds to the doctor’s ability to get in touch with the patient and vice versa.

How the online consultation takes place

  • The user reaches your website and finds a link on the home page or in a banner that leads to a page where the service is presented. On the same page, a button invites the user to book a consultation. By clicking on the button, a box is displayed where it is possible to select a date and time (limited to the doctor’s availability since his calendar is synchronize with the application).
  • At this point, if the service is paid for, the data to make the payment is requested (via PayPal or credit card).
  • After making the payment, a thank you page is presented. At the same time, the system sends an email to the doctor and the user with the confirmation of the appointment and the data for the connection.
  • An email (and optionally an SMS or a WhatsApp message) is also send to the user one day before and one hour before the appointment as a reminder.

How to add a consultation booking system to your site

There are several ways to add a reservation system to your site. In general, pre-existing tools are use. Which manage all, or only part of, the phases necessary for booking and managing the actual consultation.

The most popular products are these:

  1. ScheduleOnce complete product;
  2. Zoom (video conferencing only);
  3. Skype (video conferencing only).

Generally, all these products allow you to insert a fragment of code in one or more pages of the site. To show the user all the phases we have discussed.

The implementation of this system on the site, although not complex, is accessible to users. Who know how to edit the site’s pages and insert code fragments into them.

On the other hand, management tools are within everyone’s reach, even for users who need to gain particular technical skills.

catchment area and more easily reach a large number of people.

Patients, in turn, can easily reach medical offices or facilities. That would otherwise be too far away geographically and overcome objective impediments to support travel.

There are many tools out there that make implementing and delivering this service extremely easy.

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As we have said, online consultation does not replace a visit to the doctor. However, it solves a large number of situations (about 40%, according to this study) in which face-to-face visits are superfluous. In addition, it is an effective way to improve the results of the following in-person vist.


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