Interview Questions You Should Ask When Hiring Veterinary Technicians?

Interview Questions

When hiring for a veterinary technician, employers interview candidates to determine if they are qualified to proper handle and manage their pet animal patients. They are looking for candidates who can demonstrate their ability to follow orders and provide quality care to animal patients. Here we are going to find some very useful interview questions for both parties.

General Interview Questions

These general vet interview questions can help an employer learn more about him and his interest in a vet position.

1.       Tell me about your happiness separate from work.

2.       How would your previous employer describe you?

3.       Do you have any pets?

4.       Are you relaxed working with all kinds of animals?

5.       Are you satisfied with cleaning up after the animals?

6.       What tasks do you enjoy the most?

7.       What are your least favorite tasks?

8.       Why do you need to work in our facility?

9.       Are you willing to assist in the euthanasia process?

10.   Where do you see your career in five years?

11.   Tell me more about your veterinary and healthcare practice.

12.   How do you keep track of the latest veterinary procedures?

Interview Questions about Experience and Background

Employers may ask these questions to learn about his experience and background related to the veterinary technicians.

  1. What experience do you have with caring for animals?
  2. Show me the variance among animal welfare and animal rights.
  3. How do you confirm the protection of the animals you treat?
  4. Have you ever assisted in an operation? If so, please explain what your responsibilities were.
  5. How do you manage animals peacefully during treatment?
  6. Tell me about a task you overpowered in a former role.
  7. Explain your people skills.
  8. Do you have experience in administering medicine to animals?
  9. Do you have practice testing blood, urine and stool samples?
  10. What skills make you an effective veterinarian?

In-Detail Interview Questions

In-detail questions like these help employers better understand his vet skills and what value he would bring to the role.

1.       How would you comfort an owner who has just learned that their pet is terminally ill?

2.       How would you explain a complex procedure to the owner?

3.       How would you communicate complex messages to the owner?

4.       What would you do if the owner said they could not afford the treatment?

5.       How would you deal with an owner who does not follow the vet’s orders?

6.       Explain what you do to manage high stress situations.

7.       How would you respond if a veterinarian asked you to do a task outside of your job description?

8.       What would you do if you suspected the vet had missed an important piece of information?

9.       How would you add value during particularly busy times?

10.   What would you do if you or another employee were bitten, kicked or scratched by a frightened animal?

11.   Explain what steps you take to safely lift or restrain the animal.

More Helpful Questions

Use these common vet interview questions as inspiration as he is well prepared for his duties.

What kind of animals do you like to work with the most?

Although employers want you to love all kinds of animals, they are interested in which animals you enjoy the most. This question helps employers learn a little more about your personality and decide which animals you would work with in this role.

What interests you most about this role?

Employers ask this question to make sure you enjoy working with animals. They want someone who is genuinely interested in the work they are doing.

How do you avoid compassion fatigue?

Veterinary technicians may experience compassion fatigue when working with sick animals. Compassion fatigue can central to moods of physical and emotional tiredness. Employers may ask this question in an interview to find out how you can cope with seeing animals in distress.

What would you do if you observe animal cruelty?

Sometimes in your profession, you may observe that an owner is not pleasing the appropriate attention of their pet. Employers ask this question to make sure you have strategies to overcome this difficult situation. 

I’ll close with my favorite quote from my favorite vet.

“Once a horse is born, it spends its entire life looking for a way to kill itself.

This is without a doubt the most accurate statement I have ever heard. Owning horses is great fun, they are like giant dogs. They love you, they will be loyal to you and most will do anything for a treat and a head scratch. My favorite animal indeed. But damn, they can (and will) hurt themselves on almost anything they can find.


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