40 Interview Questions and Answers for Sales Account Managers

Interview Questions for Account Managers

A sales account manager is someone who oversees the day-to-day operations of a company’s account. In some cases, this may include the initial sale. If you’re applying for a sales account manager position, it’s good to know what type of interview questions to expect. In this article, we share sample sales account manager interview questions along with some sample answers to help you prepare.

Sales Account Manager General Interview Questions

Many sales account executive interviews begin with some general questions to help start the conversation and get to know you better. Below are some common general interview questions you can expect:

  • What would you carry to our company as a sales account manager?
  • What are some of your organizational strategies?
  • How would you define yourself as a sales account manager?
  • What can you do as a sales account manager that another candidate could not?
  • What are your tips for building long-term relationships?
  • What do you enjoy about sales account management?
  • How do you plan your day?
  • What are the best key qualities of a leader?
  • What actions will you take if you fall short of your target returns?
  • What is your preferred way of talking to new potential customers?
  • How do you feel about cold calling?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Sales Account Manager Interview Questions about Experience and Background

During the interview, the employer will want to know more about your education and background, especially as it relates to account management. Here are nearly skilled and contextual questions you might hear:

  • How did you get into sales account management?
  • What is your education?
  • How did your education organize you to develop a sales account manager?
  • Do you know someone who is a strong sales account manager? If so, what do you think makes them good at their job?
  • What is your track record of meeting revenue goals?
  • What are your past customer satisfaction rates?
  • Tell us about a major project you worked on and what your specific project responsibilities were.
  • Describe a time when you didn’t have a goal in mind.
  • What are your relationships with previous employers and clients?
  • Which of your previous jobs was the most rewarding for you?
  • What knowledge do you have with CRM systems?
  • Can you describe a time when you used client feedback to improve the company?
  • What is your experience with different lead generation strategies such as cold calling or email marketing?

Sales Account Manager In-Depth Interview Questions

Sales Account manager candidates can expect some in-depth interview questions. Employers use them to assess your level of knowledge and experience. Below are some examples of detailed questions you may receive:

• Describe a time when you disappointed a client and how you handled it.

• Describe when you made a mistake and how you dealt with it.

• Tell us what you distinguish about our products and services.

• What skills contribute to a successful sales account manager? Why?

• What steps do you think you could take to increase this company’s revenue?

• How would you describe your leadership style?

• What is your process for closing a sale?

• How would you go about selling an existing client?

• Can you describe a time when you changed “no” to “yes”?

• How do you halt on top of the valuable industry update?

• Have you trained a new employee before? If so, how did you cost it out?

Sales Account Manager Interview Questions with Sample Answers

Below are some of the interview questions you’re likely to get during your interview with a sales account manager, along with some strong sample answers you could provide.

What are your results when it comes to target revenue?

Employers test this question because account management is a result-oriented place. They want to know if you’ve been able to meet sales targets in the past, because that indicates you can continue to do so. When answering this question, describe what your target earnings were in your previous position and what your individual results were.

Example: “As a sales account manager at Redwood Industrial, we had to hit a sales quota of $100,000 each year. These revenue targets were reviewed quarterly to see if we were on pace. While it was acceptable to be behind for an entire year if you worked it out by the end, I never had this problem. I made sure I always beat my revenue targets, including the last quarter. In the five years I’ve been there, I’ve never missed a target yield.”

How is your relationship with past employers or clients?

Being a sales account manager is often about increasing connections. If you have strong relationships with past employers and clients, it shows that you are capable of making long-term connections with people. When answering this question, try talking about past employers or clients where you were a sales account manager. If you are applying for an account manager position for the first time, talk about a recent manager instead.

Example: “I still have a strong relationship with the first big client I ever approached. He sensed that I was nervous and put it at ease with me during our first meeting. I ended up managing his account for a few years and during that time we got to know each other much better. He even continued to use our company when he left his job and started his personal business. Even though I haven’t worked there for a few years, I’m still in regular contact with this client. Some weekends we even go golfing together.’

What skills contribute to a successful sales account manager?

Employers want to see that you know what it takes to be a successful sales account manager and why these skills are important. To answer this question, choose two or three of the best skills that apply to you. If possible, give an example of the skill from your own life to show that you know its importance.

Example: “I would say that the primary skill a successful sales account manager needs is the ability to listen. Selling and having satisfied clients is all about listening to their needs. I remember my first boss writing down everything he could about his clients when he met them. This ensured he didn’t forget anything they needed and could even surprise them by remembering small details later.”

“Another important skill is self-motivation. During my years as a sales account manager, the only person who held me accountable for sales was myself. If I didn’t encounter sales allocations, I would drop my job. A good sales account manager is someone who can push through, despite recent rejections. Fortunately, I’ve found a few strategies that work for me to stay motivated.”*

Describe the moment you changed “no” to “yes”.

Sales account managers can often face rejection. This can happen when you’re trying to make an initial sale or when you’re trying to keep a client from leaving. Employers want to know that when you get a no, you’ll do everything you can to turn it into a yes. Answer this question by describing a specific time when you were able to convince the client and specify what strategies you used.

Example: “Last year, one of my clients wanted to leave our company for another. Instead of letting them go, I spent an hour on the phone with them and discussed their concerns. I was able to show them some additional benefits of our product that they didn’t know about and even convince them to upgrade to a different package. I even offered to walk them through how to use our software more effectively rather than handing them off to customer service. The client was pleased with the personal approach and decided to stay.”

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