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How to play desktop games with a Nintendo switch pro controller

How to play desktop games with a Nintendo switch pro controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is one of the priciest “baseline” controllers withinside the contemporary-day console generation, however, it`s additionally sturdy, feels exact to play with, has a top-notch directional pad, Ftrpirateking, and functions with wonderful movement sensors and vibration tech. On the pinnacle of that, the gamepad makes use of Bluetooth, so you do not want an adapter to attach it along with your PC. How to play desktop games with a Nintendo switch pro controller

The Pro Controller(Opens in a brand new window) seems to Windows as a DirectInput controller instead of an XInput controller just like the Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One gamepads, so it may be a piece of a chore to get it operating together along with your PC video games. Fortunately, Valve introduced complete Switch Pro Controller aid to Steam, so that possibly covers an excellent bite of your sport library. Non-Steam video games require extra steps that we will stroll you through.

Of course, you cannot use your Switch Pro Controller together with your PC till you first join it on your PC. You have options: stressed out and wi-fi. Wired is simplest, however, wi-fi is, nicely, wi-fi. And it calls for a piece of painting.

  • Connect Your Switch Pro Controller to your PC With a Wired Connection
  • USB (Photo: Will Greenwald)
  • Plug your Pro Controller cable (or any USB-A-to-USB-C statistics cable, or USB-C-to-USB-C statistics cable in case your PC has a USB-C port) into the controller.
  • Plug the opposite quit of the cable into your PC.

Steam Big Picture

How to play desktop games with a Nintendo switch pro controller
How to play desktop games with a Nintendo switch pro controller

To ensure the whole lot works because it has to among the Pro Controller and your PC sport, you have to use Steam’s Big Picture mode, the couch-pleasant lean-lower back menu machine that works nicely with a gamepad.

Hardware Alternative: 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter

Steam’s Pro Controller aid is welcome, however, you are out of a good fortune in case you need to play non-Steam video games with the controller due to how Windows detects it. You can restore this in certainly considered one among ways: the use of a hardware Bluetooth adapter mainly designed for more than one gamepad type, or the use of a software-based, XInput wrapper.

Software wrappers have to get the activity executed in case you’re inclined to put in and tinker with them a piece till the Switch Pro Controller works the manner you need it to. It may also take greater than a piece of painting; third-birthday birthday celebration motive force wrappers are extraordinarily finicky.

What About Joy-Cons?

Joy-Cons are fantastically effective and bendy on the Switch, however, they may be awkward on the PC. The exact information is that you could join Joy-Cons in your PC simply via way of means of pairing them over Bluetooth just like the Switch Pro Controller. The horrific information is that every Joy-Con will check in as its very own controller, and getting  Joy-Cons to paintings collectively as one gamepad is, in keeping with this Reddit post(Which opens in a brand new window) outlining a way to do it with Dolphin, exhausting at best.

How to Connect Other Controllers

For greater, see our manual on a way to select the proper controller for your PC. If you’ve got got a PS4 or Xbox controller which you need to hook up with a PC, we’ve got commands for the one’s gamepads, too.

Easy Bluetooth and XInput aid

The $20 8Bitdo Bluetooth adapter(opens in new tab) allows you to pass the maximum of the finicky setup beneath via way of means of managing the Bluetooth connection and making Windows play fine with the controller with no greater software. It’ll make Windows see the controller like it’d an Xbox gamepad, and helps the button/joystick inputs and movement controls (however now no longer vibration). As a bonus, this can be paintings on more than one console and with heaps of different controllers, too, together with the Switch Joy-Cons, PS4 controller, Wii remotes, and greater.

Using your Switch Pro controller

BetterJoy works via way of means of analyzing DirectInput instructions as XInput instructions, which is what maximum contemporary-day video games aid. Now that it is installed, your Switch Pro controller has to Treasure of Nadia God Shovel behave like an Xbox 360 controller in maximum video games. But first, you need to release BetterJoy for Cemu (the call of the executable) from its defloration folder.

Once it is open, click on the “Locate” button and it has to discover your Switch controller if it is paired thru Bluetooth. Once connected, you could click on the Map buttons to alternate as desired.


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