How To Fill The Freemax Autopod With E-Liquid

If you are tired of using disposable vape devices and want to try something new, why not go for a Freeemax Auotpod50 mod kit? It’s a perfect podmod kit for anyone who is looking for a different and innovative vaping experience. The kit is created by one of the famous vape manufacturing brands “Freemax”.       

A revolutionary And Unbeatable Vape Pod Kit:

Freemax has been giving its classy vape accessories to vapers over the last few years. The vape manufacturing brand has gained much appreciation because of its avant-garde and cutting-edge vape accessories. The brand has recently launched the Freemax autopod kit. It is one of the finest creations of the Freemax. The kit features a double mesh coil that heats the e-liquid swiftly and produces massive vapour clouds.

Refilling Is Fun With The Freemax Autopod:

It has a 200mAh internal battery which can be recharged through a USB type C charging cable. The gorgeous device gives you everything you need to start your vaping with. It has a comfortable design that lets you enjoy your vaping effortlessly. The kit comes with 4ml refillable pods. The pods can be easily filled the bottom of the kit. 

  • Unscrew the pod from the kit.
  • Now gently hold the pod in your hand. 
  • There is a rubber seal at the bottom side. 
  • Remove the seal and squeeze the e-liquid bottle. 
  • Give it a few minutes, and then drag a puff. 

The e-liquid refilling with the Freemax Autopod kit is not hefty at all. You can easily fill the pod on your own. Once you fill the pod, let it wait for a few minutes. Now hit the fire button, and you are good to go! Your device will go on when you click the fire button 5 times. Freemax Autopod 50 has an output range of 50W. The range starts from 5 W and goes upto 50 W. 

Dual Mesh Coils:

The kit gives you phenomenal flavour hits and magnificent cloud production. Each pod of the kit contains stainless steel mesh coil. There are two coils that come within the pod. Each coil gives you a slightly different experience. The Vape coils have the following resistances:

  1. 0.25ohm mesh coil: 30 W – 50 W
  2. 0.5ohm mesh coil: 15 W – 35 W

Take A Glance At Your Vape Statistics:

Freemax Autopod 50 mod kit features an OLED screen that displays vaping data. You can view the vaping data directly from the screen. The screen displays puff count, battery capacity, coil resistance and wattage range. 

Freemax Autopod Protection Features:

The device comes in various captivating colours. It is a very comfortable device, and it looks aesthetical in hands. The device features no complex settings. It has a non-convoluted setup, and you can easily manage it. You can hold it in your hand or can keep it in a vape case. Besides, Freemax Autopod 50 Kit features the following protective attributes:

  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • High-Temp Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection 
  • Open Circuit Protection 
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • 10s/ Time out Protection

Who Can Use Freemax Autpod Kit?

The Freemax autopod50 kit is created to be sued by every vaper level. There is no restriction and any vaper can use it. Since it is a user-friendly kit, it gives you non-hectic and fiddle-free vaping experience. With just a little right vaping knowledge you will be able to manage the device efficiently. You can customise your nicotine levels using the pod. Plus, you can easily choose the flavour you want. The device comes in various succulent flavours! 

Summing Up:

Freemax autopod50 is easy to use and carry. It comes in different gradient colours. Furthermore, It gives you excellent flavour choices. The kit is not heavy and you can easily travel with it. Make sure you do not put it in the back openly. Keep it in a vape case and then safely put it in your bag. The kit gives you just the right nudge for your vaping. It effectively helps you overcome your smoking.


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