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Introduction of Health Fusion

Health fusion could be a huge shift in however we expect regarding health care that solves issues by uniting knowledge, making one read of the patient, and making new ways to collaborate and establish trends. These aren’t simply phrases, they’re the solutions required to remodel however health care is delivered to a lot of folks and alters the business.

Health Fusion
Health Fusion

Health fusion could be a form of telehealth platform that enables a health care supplier to draw on the prevailing relationships of colleagues, families, friends, and community health partners to make an integrated whole-person health image. The last word goal is to boost patient outcomes and quality of life. The approach is meant to deliver faster, simpler, and less expensive care.

Detail of Health Fusion

With health fusion, care is a junction rectifier by patients and their caregivers, similar to care suppliers. Health fusion models are focused on population health management, population health transformation, and health intelligence.

While health fusion isn’t a ‘traditional’ telehealth platform, it comes from a historically telehealth-focused approach to care delivery, providing integration with established and non-traditional health suppliers and community health partners.

A growing range of patients is selecting telehealth services and health care delivery models that take a whole-person health approach. Over the following few years, the trend can still grow as more and more patients and their caregivers value more highly to receive care directly from their tending supplier, with health fusion as one of the strategies to deliver this care.

These patients will have a multidisciplinary care team comprising tending suppliers, care managers, health coaches, social staff, family caregivers, and residential care staff. This sort of health care delivery model is brought up as a “collaborative care model” (CCM), and a growing range of suppliers are delivering this care through telehealth, telephone, video, and chat services, and different telemedicine technologies.

Health fusion includes building care groups that are holistic and patient-focused, combining approaches to support a patient’s physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Using telehealth technology like Health Fusions software, the healthcare supplier and care manager will analyze the present clinical, social, and social determinant information – from a patient’s personal and family surroundings – to create a patient’s medical record. The observation aims to engage with the patient and their family moreover as key social and community teams to develop a coordinated care setup.

For patients, care relies on individual health desires instead of diagnosis alone. This enables the attention team to create a holistic image of the patient’s whole life and integrate a spread of various attention services into one cohesive approach to worry.

With the proper team in place, this sort of approach will address health and social desires, serving patients to scale back symptoms and improve operations.

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HealthFusion MediTouch

HealthFusion MediTouch is an App and Smart Watch Accessory that helps individuals quickly and easily track and share their health data with their physician. Each HealthFusion app and companion wearable device incorporates multiple sensors, monitors, and analyzers to enable physicians to stay on top of patients’ vitals and record those vitals data within the app for immediate access.

The software is put in on the provider’s servers and so downloadable to users’ computers. HealthFusion additionally provides code for maintaining money records. in step with HealthFusion, its code has been put in by quite 50,000 doctors and offers quite 5 million distinctive patient profiles.

In a release, HealthFusion co-founder and chief executive officer Jennifer Widom said the funding can change the corporate to “accelerate its transformation from a product-based company to a services-focused business.”

As health care expenses still rise, computer software to assist suppliers to save time and cash is more and more in demand.

Typical applications in this field include systems that permit patients to visualize their medical records on a smartphone, free code for viewing the medical charts of different patients, and code to perform “quick information entry” at appointments. Health care suppliers have additionally turned to technology to assist monitor patients with chronic diseases like polygenic disease and metabolic process disorders.

“Computerization has never been more popular among doctors than these days,” chief executive officer Jeff Smedsrud of the city, Tenn.-based Care Cloud firm.

Similarly, software companies for observing management, money management, and different medical-related applications are constantly raising capital to stay competitive.

Difference between Health Fusion and HealthFusion MediTouch

Both Health Fusion and HealthFusion MediTouch are accredited commissioned healthcare providers with a wide array of products and services.

Health Fusion MediTouch is a secure, online platform to review the various health plans you may have.

Health Fusion Health Plans™ are designed for people and families with busy lives and hectic lifestyles. With Health Fusion Health Plans, you can look for the right health plan for you and your family.

Health Fusion is a simple, streamlined way to get the right health plan for your family with no carrier tricks or complicated health jargon. Health Fusion simplifies the complicated process of choosing a health plan. It presents you with a selection} of plans from a wide range of insurance carriers so you can select the right plan for your family.

Previously, the Health Fusion MediTouch was known as MediTouch Direct.

About Health Fusion, LLC: Health Fusion is a leading supplier of online profit plans and consulting services for little businesses and their staff. The company’s mission is to assist folks to notice the correct health plan for their needs while reducing the complexities of finding, enrolling, and paying for health benefits.

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Public remarks about Health Fusion

So while I can appreciate that the company is not focused on the sort of Wall Street valuation that usually drives M&A in this industry, Health Fusion has multiple clear ways to create value for investors. For example, the company’s status as the 10th largest vendor in the market, which seems pretty reasonable based on the company’s product offering. At the same time, the company’s market share has never been greater. And of course, the company’s two key acquisitions made it a leader in the Medicare Advantage space. If one assumes a 20% profit margin on the company’s Medicare Advantage business, then this business alone can deliver 16% to 18% in annual EPS, based on growth (and potential margins) of 30% to 35%.

Finally, I’m not suggesting that Health Fusion is already a buy. Rather, I’m pointing out that it could be a near-term stock to consider. Why? Because the stock is the most beaten up in the sector, trading at just 6.5X sales. This means that Health Fusion is trading at less than half of what the company has historically traded at, despite the company’s rapidly growing and very healthy operating momentum. Furthermore, that means that any buying opportunity that might appear could be significant. The reasons are simple: the company’s margins are rapidly rising, and the stock is going to underperform again until sales growth decelerates. I’d say that the recent pullback makes sense for a stock that is trading at an extremely low multiple – and yet I’d say that a buying opportunity might be at hand if the stock finds a bottom and starts moving higher.

More recently, the company has attracted the attention of investors, who have collectively purchased more than $60 million in its stock.

On the most recent earnings call, I noticed that CEO was making some odd remarks about Health Fusion’s valuation. He didn’t think the valuation was the right way to view the company but was instead highlighting the fact that the company had an amazing customer acquisition rate:

Source: Health Fusion’s Q2 Earnings Call

By that metric, Health Fusion’s valuation isn’t obviously out of line with most other healthcare IT vendors, so it seems like he’s being somewhat sarcastic. After all, that’s the metric that has always been the focus of the company’s acquisitions.

While investors are often cautioned about any sort of short-term thinking, you have to take stock in where the company’s management is focusing its acquisition efforts. I’ve never seen a company with as much growth in the CVS Health (CVS) family of pharmacy benefit managers. All it took was a new management team to turn CVS Caremark around and immediately get approval to expand into Medicare and Medicaid plans, a segment that Health Fusion was completely excluded from before.

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