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Effect of BTC & RAT on Mexico’s Economy in 2K23?

Impact Of BTC & RAT on the Economy of Mexico 2023?

Remittances are funds that employees send home, and in the case of Mexico, they make up about 2% of the country’s GDP. It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of remittances to the Mexican economy.

Current Remittance Situation in Mexico

Nowadays, the majority of remittances are transmitted using traditional techniques like money orders or bank transfers. These techniques, however, are frequently pricy and slow, and fees reduce the amount of money delivered.

Bitcoin’s Advantages for Remittances

Remittances can be sent more affordably and effectively with Bitcoin. For instance, a service like BitPay only charges 1% for international transactions, which is far less expensive than standard procedures.

Additionally, because Bitcoin transfers can be completed extremely rapidly, the funds can be used as soon as they reach Mexico.

Mexico’s current Bitcoin-based remittance services

A number of businesses already offer remittance services utilising Bitcoin. The Mexican economy may be significantly impacted by the rise in use of these services.

Obstacles to Be Overcome

Notwithstanding the advantages, Bitcoin still needs to overcome some challenges in order to make a big impact on the remittance business.

One such issue is that a lot of individuals in Mexico are still ignorant of Bitcoin and its functioning.

Moreover, Bitcoin is not yet regulated by the Mexican government. Yet, it is probable that these problems will be resolved in the future considering the potential advantages that Bitcoin could have for the economy.

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The Mexican economy has the potential to undergo a revolution thanks to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With its high rate of inflation and sputtering economy, Bitcoin might give the country a much-needed lift. These are a few ways that BTC could have a significant effect on the Mexican economy:

1. The Mexican Peso Might be Stabilised with the Aid of Bitcoin.

Because of the Mexican Peso’s infamous volatility, it has been challenging for both businesses and people to effectively plan and budget. Bitcoin offers a substitute currency that is less prone to these volatility, which may help to stabilise the Peso. This might facilitate trade between companies and attract more foreign investment in the nation.

2. Bitcoin Might Aid in Lowering Mexico’s Crime Statistics.

The country of Mexico has an extremely high crime rate, which is frequently connected to the drug trade there. But, by offering a risk-free and secure way to acquire and sell narcotics online, Bitcoin may assist to lower crime rates. This would free up the drug trade from the control of criminals and enable law-abiding folks to buy drugs without worrying about retaliation or violence.

3. Bitcoin Might Encourage More Travel to Mexico.

Mexico is a stunning nation with a lot to offer travellers. But many potential tourists have shied away because of the city’s high crime rate. If Bitcoin helps lower crime rates, more individuals might travel to Mexico, which would improve the nation’s tourism sector.

4. The Use of Bitcoin Might Make Life Better for Mexican Workers.

Many Mexican labourers receive extremely low wages and are required to work long hours. By giving them an alternative payment method that is not subject to the same inflationary pressures as the Peso, Bitcoin may assist to improve the lives of these people. This might result in better pay and working conditions for Mexican employees.

5. Access to Financial Services May be Made Simpler for Mexicans Thanks to Bitcoin.

Traditional banking services are not readily available to many Mexicans. They could be able to store and transfer money without using a bank thanks to Bitcoin. For Mexicans, this would make it simpler to launch enterprises, send money to family members overseas, and set money aside for the future.


In conclusion, the economy of Mexico could be greatly impacted by the use of Bitcoin for remittances. Bitcoin’s reduced fees and quicker transfers could help the economy by making it simpler for workers to send money home.


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