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Cyber security Essentials

Cyber-attacks have increased potentially in the recent years with technology getting more advanced and the web of networks expanding. It creates more loopholes in the system and attackers are not wasting any opportunity to steal your personal data or your money. Cyber security is now become so important that you won’t have any idea where the hackers will attack you from. But first we need to understand what is cyber security and why it’s so important?

What is Cyber security?

Cyber security is basically the safety of your online presence. with the advancement of technology and internet, the world has transformed into a global village and connectivity has no boundaries now. Cyber security protects your data such as personal information, pictures or your online bank data. Hackers find their way and get access if you keep yourself vulnerable. Keeping yourself vulnerable means that you are not using strong passwords or share your information with strangers on the internet. Cyber security is much more important for big organizations to avoid any attacks which can lead to massive losses. Such incidents have happened before.

Cyber attack china 2009 -
Google China Attack (2009) – Credits:

Types of Cyber Attacks

There are many types of cyber-attacks, but the four most common types of attacks are:

  • Social Engineering (Using psychological manipulations to trick users into sharing information)
  • Ransomware (A form of malware that encrypts the users file and attackers ask for ransom to decrypt it)
  • Third party breach (Occurs when the data is stolen from a third-party source such as software or hacking tools)
  • Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities (Cyber attackers search for cloud computing servers and commence a brute force attack)

Tips to secure yourself from such attacks

Listed further in the blog are some tips you can practice keeping yourself safe from such attacks and have a pleasant and safe time online.

1. Think before you click something

This is the simplest and yet important tip to secure yourself from such attacks. What you need to do is basically never blindly click on any links whether it pops up while you are browsing or someone spam message you. You can use many free tools online to check whether the link is spam free or not.

2. Use strong passwords

As discussed earlier, you need to create a strong password and enable two factor authorization if possible. it will add more safer layer to your account and if someone attempt to log in to your account, you will receive a notification and change password immediately.

3. Using password manager tool

It might be difficult for a lot of people to remember their passwords, for this reason they can use free password manager tools to save all the passwords at one place.

4. Update your systems

Updating your system is very important as new update contains security fixes and makes it difficult for an attacker to gain access to your data.

5. Using anti virus and firewalls

Using latest versions of anti virus and firewalls prevents alot of cyber attacks. You can enable auto updates in windows auto updates or your anti virus settings.

I hope you liked this article and understand the importance of cyber security.


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