Cold Sales Email Templates

Cold Sale Email

For B2B businesses, cold email marketing has always been, and still is, one of the most effective ways to generate quality leads. A well-crafted, personalized and highly targeted cold email can be the starting point of a successful sales interaction. Since a cold email is a type of email you send to a prospect with whom you have no prior relationship – getting prospects to respond to (or even open) an email can be a challenge for sales reps. Below are some best practices for sending B2B emails, along with a list of proven subject lines and 10 sales email templates you can use for your outbound email campaigns.

Save our cold sales emails as pre-made messages or templates for easy sending.

Cold Sales Email Best Practices

  1. Know your prospects before you approach them – check their social profiles, company information and see if your offer is a good fit.
  2. Personalize every message based on available data – Data found that the average response rate for advanced personalized emails is 17% (compared to 7% for non-personalized emails).
  3. Focus on the value you can provide – explain how your product/service can help solve the prospect’s pain points and achieve their goals.
  4. Keep your subject line very specific and as short as possible – shorter subject lines usually have a higher open rate and won’t be cut off on mobile devices.
  5. End with a clear call to action to encourage further engagement – ​​for example, ask them to connect you with the right person, set up a quick call, schedule a demo, etc.

Cold Sales Email Subject Lines that Get Opened

  • [Prospect Name], can we join?
  • Can you forward me in the right way?
  • Looking for the best contact at [prospect’s company]
  • Can you help me?
  • Can you spare 5 minutes, [prospect name]?
  • Free talk on [date]?
  • Recommended [Peer Connection] for me to connect
  • I found you through [referral name]
  • Question about [a goal they might have]
  • Are you making these mistakes?
  • Most [professionals you are targeting] make this mistake
  • Approach for [prospect’s company] to solve [problem]
  • X steps to achieve [a goal they may have]
  • You help your team achieve [a goal they may have]
  • Can I help you with [achieving a specific goal]?
  • [superior/smoother/quicker] technique to [accomplish a precise objective]
  • Are you ready to overcome [specific challenge]?
  • How do you deal with [pain point]?
  • Have you thought about [relevant offer]?
  • Quick solution for [industry]
  • Did you know [prospect’s competitor] was doing this?
  • X ways we can help you with [problem they may have]
  • X tips/ideas for [pain point they may have]
  • 10x [prospect’s company] traction in 10 minutes
  • How satisfied are you with [company name] [business tool they use]?
  • Congratulations – I just saw you on [top site in your industry]

10 Cold Sales Email Templates

Looking for the right person

Hi [Name],

My name is [First name] and I lead business development efforts at [Your Company]. We recently launched a new [product] that helps [height of one sentence].

I’m making an educated guess – based on your online profile, you seem like a good person to connect with or could point me in the right direction.

I would like to speak to someone at [Prospect’s company] who is responsible for [managing something relevant to my product].

If this is you, are you open to a 15-minute call at [date and time] to discuss how [product] can specifically help your business? If not you, who do you recommend I contact?

I would appreciate the help!


[Your Signature]

General introductory cold sales email

Hi [Name],

This is [Your Name] with [Your Company]. I work with businesses in [specific] industry and I saw that you visited our website in the past.

This inspired me to spend a few minutes on [Prospect’s company] website to learn more about how you approach [their strategy for sales/marketing/customer service, etc.]. I noticed some areas of opportunity and decided to reach out to you directly.

[Your company] works with similar companies in your industry, such as [Customer 1], [Customer 2], and [Customer 3] to help them achieve [specific goals] and provide them with [tools/solutions] to succeed.

If you want to know more, schedule a quick call. What does [Day/Time] appear like on your timetable?


[Your Signature]

Cold sales mail with a lift offer

Hi [Name],

[Your Name] from [Your Company] here. I know you’re busy so I’ll keep it short.

[Prospect’s company] is of interest to me because we have helped organizations like [Customer 1], [Customer 2], and [Customer 3] improve [the benefit your product provides] and achieve [results].

Is this something your organization might be interested in right now? If so, are you or someone on the team available for a quick phone call sometime in the next week or two?


[Your Signature]

Refers to a competitor’s product

Hi [Name],

I just went through your website and noticed that you use [your competitor’s product]. How is it going for you?

Our product is similar to that but also provides [key differentiators]. If you’re up for it, I’d like to have a quick call with you to get your thoughts on how we could improve [Prospect’s company] and see if it would make sense for us to work together.

Would [date and time] be a good time for you? (If not, I’m stretchy, just let me tell.)


[Your Signature]

Cold sales email focused on value

Hi [Name],

[Your Name] from [Your Company] here. I saw that you recently downloaded our whitepaper on [topic of whitepaper] so I thought I’d reach out.

[Prospect’s company] seems like a great fit for [Your company] and I would like to understand what your goals are for this year.

We frequently support companies like yours develop with:

A Solution/result

B Solution/result

C Solution/result

If you’d like to learn how [Your Company] can help you achieve [X goals], feel free to book a time on my calendar here: [link]


[Your Signature]

Reaching out through mutual connection

Hi [Name],

[Mutual Connection] recommended that we connect, I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch. I work for [Company name], which provides [short product pitch].

[Product Name] helps businesses like yours [achieve specific goals]. I believe this is something you might find valuable.

How about a quick phone call next week to discuss this? Let me know when is best for you.


[Your Signature]

Sharing useful ideas

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name] and we work with companies like [Company Names] to improve their [sales/marketing/customer experience, etc.].

I’ve already started looking at [Prospect’s company] website and have some ideas on how you can increase your […]. For example [details of how you can help them achieve their goals].

I actually have more ideas that you might find useful. If you don’t mind, give me time for a 15 minute call next week? If so, you can reserve time directly on my calendar here: [link]


[Your Signature]

A cold sales email inviting you to a product demo

Hi [Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I will keep it very quickly.

Our software solution supports businesses like yours accomplish [specific goals] through [product benefits].

Could I have 10 minutes of your time next week for a personalized demo that explains why companies like [Customer 1], [Customer 2] and [Customer 3] love our product?


[Your Signature]

Inbound lead from your website

Hi [Name],

You recently visited our website and [what they did on the website]. If you want to learn more about [content topic], I can recommend the following additional resources:

[Relevant source 1]

[Relevant Source 2]

Or, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for [topic], our product/service can really help you [achieve specific goals]. Let’s schedule a quick 10 minute call so I can tell you more about it. When is the best time for you?


[Your Signature]

Personalized information cold sales email

Hi [Name],

I just came across your [prospect blog post/comment] on [platform] and I find your points very informative and agree with most of them.

It also prompted me to reach out to talk to you about how [Prospect] could benefit from our software, which completely takes care of the problem you pointed out [problem details].

What would be the best way to get 15 minutes on your calendar to explore whether it would be valuable to your company?


[Your Signature]


How to write a cold email for sales?

A cold email is short and to the point. Try to formulate an email in less than 4 sentences.

What do you say in a cold email?

When writing a cold email, you should start with a brief introduction of yourself and your business. After the opening paragraph, you should state the reason why you are writing the email. Finally, you should offer a solution or introduction to your product.

How do I email cold outreach?

You should have a list of email addresses that you have obtained from your research process. Don’t just send a cold email to random addresses. Focus on building a warm relationship with your prospects. Don’t be scared to drive a lot of emails. Some people think that sending multiple emails means you can’t build a relationship. It is not true. You can still build a relationship by emailing each other a lot. The important thing here is that you need to be able to build a relationship with your potential customers.

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