CDN Hosting – Everything You Must Know About It

Content delivery networks, commonly termed CDN, are clusters of interconnected servers dispersed at various global locations. They limit the distance between delivery points and offer better reach to servers to ensure a quality user experience. The higher number of servers present in the network boosts overall reliability, as the site can be moved to another server immediately if one malfunction.

Content delivery networks significantly lower site downtime. Due to this, they have become an ideal hosting choice for many sites. However, you should not rely only on superficial benefits. Content delivery networks have their fair share of pros and cons. Exploring both can offer a better understanding of the whole picture and help you decide better.

Give an in-depth read to this article to learn and explore everything you must know about CDN hosting and make a well-informed decision for your hosting needs.

Top 3 Pros of CDN Hosting

Content delivery networks have been enjoying great hype and popularity in recent times. The pros associated with the service play a significant role in encouraging people to explore and accept the challenge.

Here are the major pros of CDN hosting that can motivate you to try it.

1. Improved Website Load Times

Improved website load times are the first and foremost pros of a content delivery network. Such a network ensures closer content distribution through widespread servers. It is placed near the users or areas with higher user traffic, which boost site loading speed. It significantly lowers the bounce rate and increases site engagement. It leads to the consistent growth in user traffic too. However, ensuring it is an ideal choice for your site is necessary. Many site owners consult UAE hosting services to explore ideal solutions for their needs and follow experts’ recommendations.

2. Increased Website Security

Increased website security is one of the most notable pros of content delivery networks. Such networks provide better solutions and arrangements to mitigate DDoS attacks. It also offers significant support against other types of cyber-attacks too. Moreover, content delivery networks ensure various types of optimizations and security certificate improvements. Using content delivery networks, you can build and increase the resistance of your server and site against cyber-attacks and ensure perfect overall security.

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3. Reduced Bandwidth Costs

Reduced bandwidth costs are another notable pro of content delivery networks. It is usually the primary and major expense in web hosting. Higher data transfer requirements utilize high traffic, which also adds to the overall expense. However, the content delivery networks utilize optimization and caching to reduce the amount of data the server needs to provide. It leads to a significant decrease in bandwidth usage and reduces the costs associated with it accordingly.

Top 3 Cons of CDN Hosting

Content delivery networks are an ideal choice for larger websites, but they also come with their fair share of cons. You must decide after carefully analyzing all the aspects.

Here are the most notable cons of CDN hosting you must know about before opting for it.

1. Poor Hosting Support

Poor hosting support is the first and foremost con of content delivery networks you should know about. Such networks usually utilize third-party infrastructures. It means the management and maintenance controls of the hardware are not in the control of the service provider but a third party. If you face any issues, you will have to handle back-and-forth communications. It will waste a lot of time, and you might even be unable to resolve the issue. Robust expert support is necessary for a reliable hosting solution, so do not bear compromise on it.

2. Higher Cost

Higher cost of service and operations is another significant con of content delivery networks you must be aware of. Such networks are usually designed to accommodate larger websites that also have higher user traffic. It involves a lot of hardware and infrastructural challenges, dealing with which requires high investment. It might not affect sites with user traffic as they will enjoy a higher return on investment too. However, the expense can be too much for you if you are managing an average-sized website with limited traffic.

3. Server Location Issues

Server location issues are the last notable con of content delivery networks. The location of the servers matters significantly in accommodating higher user traffic. The content delivery networks have a vast range of servers distributed at multiple locations. It is of no use if the location of the server does not match that of your target audience. You must ensure the content delivery network servers are placed according to the geographical distribution of your target audience. You can consult the local hosting provider in UAE for suitable locations or opt for another type of hosting.

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Are you confused about CDN hosting?

It is quite normal and expected. Feel free to contact professionals if you are unable to reach a decision on your own. Consult professional service providers about ideal hosting options for your site and follow the best advice.


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