What Is Carrier Management System?

The practice of monitoring and regulating the operations, expenses, and effectiveness of businesses that offer the transportation of products, persons, or services is known as carrier management.

Management of Carriers in Transportation

In the transportation industry. carrier management refers to a company’s operations to track and control the performance of transportation service providers or carriers.

Carrier performance scorecards. contract and rate management, and claims management are the three main facets of carrier management system in the transportation industry.

Road, air, sea, and rail modes of transportation all need logistics carrier management operations that are particular to the mode of transit.

For freight transported by ocean-going vessels in cargo containers, frequently worldwide.

Shipments going by the full truckload or less-than-truckload are managed and watched over by carrier management in trucking.

In accordance with the cargo and contractual carriers, Parcel Carrier Management makes sure shippers use the finest small parcel carrier.

Final Mile Management refers to the challenging final stretch of a freight shipment’s journey to its destination, which frequently calls for a range of delivery service standards.

Software that enables supply chain visibility through analytics aids in crucial corporate decision-making and enhances collaboration with transportation carriers is the foundation of contemporary carrier management in the transportation industry.

Transportation Management System

A component of the overall transportation management system (TMS) architecture is carrier management systems. A carrier management system for shippers:

Gives users the ability to manage carrier performance and compare it to commitments.

Monitoring each shipment against delivery promises, followed by performance reporting.

Enables customers to control every aspect of the shipping process, including order administration, carrier selection, tracking, and financial settlement and reporting.

A carrier management system that is integrated with a TMS gives shippers instant rate estimates from several carriers and real-time awareness of carrier service.

For transportation service companies, carrier management systems use technology to manage equipment utilization, fuel price fluctuations, changing federal laws, and client expectations.

Software for Multi-Carrier Management System

Through a single technological platform, multi-carrier management systems provide parcel shippers with access to a variety of transportation providers and services.

Software tools assist shippers in selecting the best parcel carrier from a list of contracted carriers.

The decision is made based on the following factors:

carrier performance, cost variations between service alternatives, order parameters (such as weight and dimensions features), and delivery rules (such as delivery time and zone).

The generation of shipping labels and manifests is supported by multi-carrier parcel management software, which also informs consumers of their status and controls carrier prices.

Automated Carrier Control

TMS Carrier Management for HorizonGo

Users of HorizonGo TMS Carrier Management can more easily monitor and manage all aspects of freight transportation.

Management system based on SaaS

Manage carriers from anywhere with the ability to control user access for individuals or teams.

Automatically Qualified Carriers to reduce risk at the carrier and cargo level vetted and qualified transportation providers.

Use the Carrier Portal to communicate

Interact with carriers easily without using pricey APIs or EDI.

Make carrier agreements

To simplify choosing a carrier for mini-bids or short-term contracts, obtain carrier rates and production contracts.

Model Contracts for New Carriers

Examine how new agreements and connections with carriers can increase throughput.

Multimodal Visibility and Optimization

For a great customer experience, see and manage all assets across all modes and carriers.

Transportation service providers for the final mile are included in the HorizonGo TMS carrier management. Automated warnings generated by in-the-moment occurrences, dynamic rerouting based on shifting conditions, client appointment scheduling, and data sharing among collaborators are further advantages offered by this component of the multimodal platform.


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