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Best Trading App India For Beginners

There are many ways to earn money but if you want to earn money in a simple and easy way then a mobile app is the best option to earn money. In India, there are many mobile apps that can help you to earn extra income. You can choose the best trading app India for beginners.  

In this article, we will provide you with the top trading apps in India to earn money which is given below.

List of Best Trading App India:

1. Zerodha

Zerodha is one the best trading app in India to earn money. Zerodha started on the 15th of August, 2010. Zerodha trading app is among the largest stock broker in India in terms of active clients, with a total of 5 million clients, of which 3.5 million are active. At present time, Zerodha is the best stock broker at this time, with the offer of an excellent online trading platform, charges a low brokerage fee and is the most transparent stock broker. It is one of the most trustable and safe platforms. 

Main Features:

  • Powerful and user-friendly screener
  • Provides comprehensive charts and technical indicators
  • Integration with Zerodha Kite
  • Provides the ability to create, save and share custom screens
  • Deliver real-time data and analytics

2. Upstox

Upstox is the best trading app in India to earn money. It is a fast, reliable, and easy trading platform for traders in the stock market. It offers low-cost trading services. Upstox allows users to check their performance with price alerts and many more tools. It also provides quick and helpful news updates relevant to your investment. If you want to earn money by referring your friends, then you can take benefits of the refer and earn offer. Upstox charging a fixed Rs.20 or 0.05% brokerage fee depending on the lower of each transaction. Upstox is also marketing it’s a platform on another level as it offers free account openings without AMC.

Main Features:

  • Zero Brokerage Inventory Investment
  • Make better trading decisions by viewing open-high-close-low (OHCL) data
  • Whether you are researching charts, script details, or market depth, order anywhere.

3. Groww Trading App

Groww is one of the highest-rated online trading apps in India. If you want to open a Demat trading account then you don’t have to pay any charges. In the Groww trading app, you have two options Explore and Dashboard. In the explore section you can check all the stock prices, top gainers, top losers, and advanced charts in one place. You have to invest your money stock market and mutual funds through the Groww trading app. A lot of people use this app to earn money by referring friends.

Main Features:

  • Account opening and zero AMC fees
  • User-friendly interface
  • Instant onboarding with paperless registration

4. Angel Broking App

Angel Broking App is a trading app in India, it is zero brokerage fees to attract customers. It is one of the oldest brokerage platforms in the US, starting in 1987. Angel 

Broking offers a 4x margin on option sales. Currently, Angel Broking’s account opening fees and AMC is free. Angel Broking App is a time-saving app for investors. It is easy management of the portfolio. Angel Broking charges a brokerage fee of Rs.20 or 0.25% per order executed, whichever is lower. The platform’s Secure Transaction Fee is 0.05% per sale. Angel Broking App has amazing features like a user interface, readymade portfolios, etc. Apart from mutual funds and stock, this app also provides insurance services.

Main Features:

  • Angel Broking is an InstaTrade feature that allows you to buy and sell stocks in one click.
  • This app is both Trading View and ChartIQ to ace your charting skills on the platform.

5. Sensible

Sensible is a modern trading app in India to earn money, that provides users with tons of features and recommendations. With brokerage of Rs.20 per trade executed, Sensibull offers a dynamic user interface. However, the basic version of the platform does not include options trading. In this trading app, you need to buy Sensibull Light for Rs.800 per month or Sensible Pro for Rs.1300 per month.

Main Features:

  • Simple, low-risk strategies in options trading for beginners
  • Real-time price and profit and loss alerts directly from Whatsapp
  • Use premium features like Put Call Ratio (PCR), Options Greeks, and IndiaVix.


In this article, we have provided India’s top best trading apps. I hope you like this article and that it is useful for you to experience the best online trading to earn money. 


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