AthenaClinicals EMR Software Review 2023

athenaClinicals EMR Software is an effective and affordable solution for a variety of healthcare providers. It offers electronic health records (EHR), practice management, medical billing and patient engagement features.

This cloud-based software is easy to use and integrates with other EHR and practice management systems. It also provides secure and HIPAA-compliant messaging between doctors and patients.

Patient portal

The patient portal available through athenaClinicals EMR Software allows you to access a secure online platform where you can request and manage appointments, and get important health-related information. The patient portal also offers a mobile-friendly interface that allows you to stay connected with your doctor.

athenaClinicals is an EMR and practice management solution that includes a patient portal, medical billing and e-prescribing. It also features tools for reducing care gaps, improving value-based care and eliminating denials.

Customization is key to athenaClinicals’ design. Users can choose to display information in different ways, allowing them to create customized views of patient charts. This functionality can be helpful when adjusting the system to your specific workflow, even if other staff members use it differently.

Reporting is also an asset to athenaClinicals, as customizable weekly and monthly reports have virtually unlimited filters to provide endless data-driven insights. In addition, quarterly meetings are scheduled with a customer success manager to help you optimize your reporting and key metrics.

Electronic health records

Electronic health records (EHR) are an essential tool for healthcare providers and patients. They help streamline the medical process and increase patient satisfaction. EHRs are also useful for managing billing and collection, coordinating appointments, tracking clinical data and more.

AthenaClinicals offers several electronic health record systems for small to mid-sized practices. These include AthenaClinicals, athenaCollector, athenaClarity and Epocrates.

Its products include patient scheduling, medical reference and clinical decision support systems, patient engagement solutions, point-of-care mobile applications and revenue cycle management technologies. These systems are based on cloud computing and help physicians automate routine administrative tasks, simplify access to information, and save time during critical operations.

AthenaClinicals also provides customer service through email, chat, and web support. Its waiting times are less than two minutes and its goal is to resolve 87% of issues within a day.

Patient engagement

AthenaClinicals EMR Software offers a range of patient engagement features that help practices strengthen their relationships with patients. These features include secure messaging, online scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient education resources.

Secure Messaging allows practitioners to communicate with patients in an encrypted and secure way, reducing the need for phone calls and emails to remind them of appointments. At the same time, it enables patients to easily view and download their lab results, imaging studies, and other protected health information (PHI).

Improved Clinical Efficiency

By storing medical documents electronically rather than on paper, physicians can provide more accurate treatment by ensuring that patient records are fully documented. Electronic documentation also reduces the number of errors and eliminates the risk of losing sensitive medical records due to tampering or theft. Here is the best EHR Software A I Med EHR Software.

Online Bill Payment / Statements is another feature that helps practices reduce no-shows and shorten their revenue cycle. It also allows patients to make payments on their own without having to call the office, saving practices time and money.


AthenaClinicals EMR Software offers a number of billing features to help you track your patients’ medical bills and submit claims. It also offers an automated appointment confirmation and reminder system to decrease no-show rates.

One of the best features is its fax automation, which removes an overwhelming workload from your staff. Your faxes are received, sorted and placed into the right patient chart in the EHR automatically.

Another great feature is its customizable weekly and monthly reports with seemingly countless filters. These reports provide valuable insights that you can use to improve your practice’s operations.

AthenaClinicals EMR software can also be integrated with many of the other athenahealth services and solutions to improve your workflows. Its interoperability tools allow practitioners to exchange patient data with other healthcare networks.


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