ABG Urekha’s Bio Septic Tanks

ABG Urekha’s Profile Bio Septic Tanks are the cutting edge in climate-adaptive waste administration innovation. We are the main producer of non-filling bio septic tanks. ABG Urekha offers bio-septic tanks and bio-cleaning agents. It is utilized for different quantities of clients, from little private ones to gigantic business structures like condos, shopping centers, emergency clinics, establishments, and so on. We have introduced numerous bio septic tanks across Tamil Nadu. We provide natural driving assistance in bio septic frameworks.

What are bio septic tanks?

Bio-septic tanks are an effective method of sterilization. In conventional latrines, just 30% of human waste has declined, and the equilibrium of 70% persists in septic tanks. Human waste up to 99.9% is overwhelmed by an anaerobic strategy in ABG Urekha’s Profile septic tank and converted into reusable water for the underground in the bio septic tank.

Why Use Bio Septic Tanks?

In customary latrines, the removal of human waste leads to defiling the groundwater and dirtying the assets. Bioclean septic frameworks provide eco-accommodating removal of human waste. It is a productive, low-maintenance, unscented board interaction.

Individuals don’t comprehend the natural benefits of the septic framework and quality bio septic tanks. Bio septic tanks contain two chambers. They are assortment and vanish tanks. All the wastewater collected from the house was sent through pipelines and gathered in the assortment tank. In this cycle, our profile chemical item overwhelmed all the losses in the assortment tank. The clean water ships off the disappearing tank, and the excess 95% sanitized water dissipates under the ground. The bio septic tanks are developed with bioconcrete. It does not degenerate for those who are deeply rooted.

Highlights of bio septic tanks

  • The bio septic tank represents the next group of people in the climate-adaptive waste administration process.
  • There is no requirement for human obstruction to keep up with latrines.
  • Without a doubt, inconvenient.
  • liberated from scent and strong waste
  • There are no obstructions in the bio clean septic framework.
  • unscented bio-clean septic framework while contrasting with customary septic tank strategies.

Impediments to ordinary septic tanks

Ordinary septic tanks are unhygienic in the removal of human waste, prompting groundwater contamination and medical conditions. It needs periodic expulsion of slop and sewage. It needs more concentrated support. This increases the likelihood of spreading a few illnesses. The typical septic tank requires a wide space. A tactless smell frequently emerges from ordinary septic tanks.

Why ABG Urekha’s Profile Septic Tanks?

ABG Urekha’s clean septic framework is eco-accommodating and sterile. These bio septic tanks require little maintenance throughout their lifespan. The microorganisms are diminished to almost 100%, and no smells emerge from the tanks. It requires insignificant space for building bio septic tanks. The wastewater is recycled and dispersed beneath the groundwater. Bio clean septic frameworks provide a complete solution to sewage issues. It provides long-haul wastewater treatment, and non-filling bio septic tank arrangements offer a natural arrangement. Set aside money for septic tank cleaners to clean the seepage. The effective reused water is expanding the groundwater level. It requires the least amount of long-term support. The non-filling bio septic tanks corrupt strong and fluid waste into scentless, reusable water.


We hope this blog is useful to me and know about septic tank information. ABG Urekha is well-known in the business world for providing high-level wastewater to executives. With our non-filling bio septic tanks and fluid biochemicals, we are here to meet our client’s needs and expectations. The establishment time frame is passing. We have preeminent quality items intended to achieve consumer loyalty at a financially savvy cost. We give standard answers for preventing groundwater contamination and a long-haul answer for the flood of waste. Our point is to preserve the climate by keeping away from seepage contamination and monitoring groundwater. With this ideal creation of Bio Septic Tank Cleaner, we are creating a new and sound climate and preserving groundwater.


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