a knife should only be sharpened once per week

For example, a knife should only be sharpened once per week, and you should make sure to replace the blade after each use. There is also no point in trying to sharpen an edge beyond the factory setting. It’s best to leave the edge of the blade alone once it has been sharpened. You shouldn’t use a cutting board either. The extra friction caused by the board will dull your blade more quickly.

When sharpening a blade using a whetstone or sharpening steel, you should make sure to hold the blade firmly in one hand. Be sure to maintain a straight, even grip and position the knife Gopolli away from you as you are sharpening it. Don’t be tempted to try and cut anything while you are sharpening. Make sure to remove all debris before sharpening the blade. You should hold the blade by the handle and turn the blade slowly back and forth until it is properly sharpened.

A whetstone or sharpening steel is more effective than a diamond sharpening stone because the steel’s edges have been honed over time. Diamond stones are harder, and they will take a long time to hone into shape. Diamond stones are also much more expensive than steel sharpeners.

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